Classes run just like our English counterparts, however our subject names are modified:
  • Core Subjects
    • Astronomy is now Tenmongaku
    • Charms is now Chāmu
    • Defense Against the Dark Arts is now Dāku Geijutsu ni Taisuru Bōei (DGTB)
    • Flying is now Furaingu
    • Herbology is now Hābu no Kenkyū
    • History of Magic is now Majikku no Rekishi
    • Potions is now Pōshon
    • Transfiguration is now Henbō
  • Core Electives
    • Apparition is now Bōrei
    • Arithmancy is now Sū Uranai
    • Care of Magical Creatures is now Fushigina Ikimono no Sewa
    • Divination is now Uranai
    • Muggle Studies is now Kenkyū o Nakamahazure
    • Study of Ancient Runes is now Kodai Rūn no Kenkyū
  • Electives
    • Alchemy is now
    • Art is now
    • Ghoul Studies is now
    • Muggle Art is now