Welcome to Mahoutokoro Japanese School of Magic!

As our motto says: Watashitachi wa anata o eru koto ga dekiru made wa doragon o hoji suru!

As this is a newer school (yes, we were founded in the 2nd century, see below), we strive to make a great education for our students. However, if you don't know about our school, how are you going to learn? So, in order to keep you students organized, we have created a handy-dandy little packet to make it easier!

Founding WarEdit

When the school was first formed, it was the year 373. In the Muggle world, there was not much going on. However, in the Japanese magical world, things were just beginning to stir up. There was not a single magical school in the world, all the information was passed from generation to generation. So four influential clans of Japan (unknown to Japan that they were wizards) made plans to start a school called Dorankarega. However, feuds soon erupted and a war took place. The four clans were the Minamoto, the Fujiwara, the Tachibana, and the Taira. The Hōgen Rebellion was the start of several feuds between these clans. The Minamoto resulted n having complete control of Japan afterwards. However, this started a rivalry between the Minamoto and Taira clans.

Renaming of the ClansEdit

Following the war (in the 12th to 13th centuries), the clans renamed themselves as less controlling clans. Some followed this, some did not. The Minamoto clan renamed as the Ichigo clan, the Fujiwara clan renamed as the Minoru clan, the Taira clan renames as the AquaRida clan, and the Tachibana clan renamed as the BishaMonten.
The clans were headed by 4 Masutazu who are listed below:
  • Kaito Ichigo (Ichigo clan)
  • Iwata Minoru (Minoru clan)
  • Sakura AquaRida (AquaRida clan)
  • Sora BishaMonten (BishaMonten clan)
Rivalries are still present but the four Masutazu are managing to keep the clans in order and not ready to kill each other.

Founding of MahoutokoroEdit

Modern-day MahoutokoroEdit

Please see our guide.
In 372 the four clans put their ancestors plans to use. A school was formed called Mahoutokoro and the 4 clans formed an alliance. As the first magic school in the world, they had to create, not followed. So they set up a 'House' system, following their clan system.